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  • Apprenticeships

    Training Strategies Ltd (TSL), Apprenticeship programmes can make your organisation more effective, by addressing your skills gaps directly. The Apprenticeship programme has been designed to help your employees reach a high level of competency and performance. We offer a range of Apprenticeship programmes in various sectors, ensuring that your organisation can benefit.

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  • Employability courses

    We deliver a highly successful bespoke employability programme over 5 weeks for persons seeking employment in the security sector. This includes specific elements of employability including customer service and communication, controlling security incidents, carrying out searches and physical intervention training.

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  • Vocational training

    We have an excellent record of delivery of National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) which are transferable work related competence based qualifications. These reflect the skills and knowledge required to do a job effectively and show that a learner is competent in the area of work the NVQ framework represents.

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